The following are some common questions we receive:

If I don’t know what I want entirely, or at all, should I wait to come in until I do know?

No.  In my experience, my process will bring that to clarity.  We will guide you from any starting point through the steps toward creating exactly what style and colors are right for you.

I’m the mother of the groom, do I need to fade into the background?

Absolutely not.  The modern bride wants you to shine in your own way and look as beautiful as you can look.  You do not have to wear beige!  It is protocol to wait to see what the mother of the bride is wearing.  She and the bride usually give the “go ahead” for you to select what you want, once she’s chosen her color.

I want to shed some weight prior to my event or wedding.  Can you still help me?

Yes, we can absolutely start the process.  We can begin to choose your style and color.  We then schedule your fitting closer to your event, so that you have time to work with yourself.  This is often a situation I work with.

What if I get my dress and I’m unhappy with it?

This rarely ever happens to me.  I have an ability to ask the right questions and “read” my clients.  In the very few times it has happened, I made the necessary corrections at my expense, within reason.  I’m here to assist my clients to look and feel confident for their special event!