“During the last decade I have been wearing only Lea’s clothes; everything else has disappeared from my wardrobe.   Fluid, ethereal, sensual, refined, luxurious…Lea’s sense of color is amazing.   She selects the fabrics with the eye of an artist, often layering transparent fabrics to create an original palette.   Her designs are timeless.” … Isabel Allende, Best Selling Author



“If you want to feel vibrant yet feminine, Lea’s designs are for you!…Lea will personally work with how you want the design to fit YOUR body…to only accentuate your positive!”  …  Jan Yanehiro, Broadcast Journalist and author of “This Is Not The Life I Ordered”




“Lea expertly guided me through the process of analyzing the event I would be attending (the time of day, weather factor, photographs, dinner/dancing, etc.).  Then she patiently listened to all of my insecurities about my “figure flaws,” as we set about the magical and transformative event of designing and seeing myself in the most exquisite dress imaginable.”  …  Mary G. Anderson, “Voice of the Valley” Cable Television